best bass guitar brands

We then put brand new strings on all the basses and did setups so that differences in setup wouldn’t affect our reviewers’ ratings. Spectors are loved for their deep, warm, woody tone and beautiful finishes. As with similar Ibanez GSR200 series bass guitars, this model includes passive PJ pickups and ‘bass boost’ EQ which do a great job, but are definitely not the most impressive quality. If bass guitars get the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, stop what you're doing right now. Even non-musicians have probably noticed those cool little guitars and basses that look like boxes and have no headstocks. Stagg The two passive mini humbuckers deliver bags of growl and a warm low end punch, the neck is comfortable to glide around with easy access to frets in all directions. Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass. The alder body is a lot stronger than some of the Agathis tonewood models you find in this price range, making for a good foundation to add some upgraded electronics later. Similar to the orchestral double bass, the sound of a fretless is unmistakable. If you are looking for an exceptional bass guitar, you can go for the Warwick brand. The mahogany body is sculpted like a piece of artwork, the 5-piece composite neck is skinny, fast and super strong. This roundup is focused on the most accessible models that most of us can afford (or save for). Masters like Jaco Pastorius and Tony Franklin are just some of the examples of how versatile bass players can be. Instead of pickup control knobs, you have a classic selector switch which matches the original Tony Franklin design. Good luck on the search for your new bass. This list is very rock oriented .. should change the title .. many of these brands are not played in other genre’s .. jazz.. gospel .. soul r&b .. most of these wouldnt make the top 20 .. ijs. Where does one begin when it comes to describing the all time heavyweight champion? Think about your goals. Peavey gear is always tough, and always worth the asking price. Squier Vintage Modified '70s Jazz Bass Natural. There is no shortage of quality in both playability with comfortable body and neck shaping, and the overall tone with some models having elaborate active EQs. Fender bass guitars have been mainstays in just about every genre of music for the past half a century. With a few minor upgrades, the Player Series looks and sounds even better. As always, it is based on my own opinion and experience, and therefore subject to change. If you play bass or are thinking about it, it's important to know who is who. Best Bass Gear is a dedicated bass guitar only website for the bass enthusiast. Most budget basses offer a couple of different tones while the TRBX174EW offers thousands, which is a huge plus. If you’re after a compact and easy to play bass guitar on a super affordable budget, the Ibanez GSRM20 is a great option. Vintage style bass guitars tend to keep things simple whereas high end active EQ’s might have a lot going on. Yamaha makes all kinds of musical gear like guitars, pianos, drums, and even xylophones, but their basses are particularly well-received. Dubbed the Beatles bass after Paul McCartney brought Hofner into the spotlight, the Ignition series is the much more affordable version. I own the Gibson Les Paul Junior Bass and lately it is my number 1. Where a lot of the budget is saved is in the cheaper electronics, pickups and hardware but as far as the woods and construction goes, these cheaper bass guitars are amazingly put together. More exotic wood choices do unfortunately pack on quite a bit of weight. Single coils tend to produce more hum and noise at high gain volumes, and some bass players love that. Here are a few more shortlists and ideas for finding the right bass according to the music genre you are into: In this article, I tried to focus on the best bass guitars for intermediate players. More expensive models not only include better quality raw materials but the overall hands-on finishing touches, upgraded electronics and hardware go a long way to getting a tone which stands out. The precision bass gets in name from the metal frets installed along the neck. They are also among the top basses for metal and hard rock. Others are built by companies who specialize only in gear for bass players. This means a beginning player can start out with a Fender-style Precision or Jazz Bass at a reasonable price. The original Jazz bass goes back several decades as one of the oldest designs in Fender’s lineup. Another short-scale bass guitar, but this time from the affordable and trusted brand Ibanez. It looks classy and modern, it feels comfy and decently light, and playing it is pure joy. Its active EMG 35DC and EMG 35J pickups really pack a punch. As per the original design, this model includes a single large 8 pole humbucking pickup and active preamp which do an awesome job of reproducing that classic StingRay tone. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. The electronics include Dynamax pickups in a PJ setup and three controllers for pickup volume and tone. Now have an idea about bass guitar and different brands of bass guitar. Well, those unique instruments are called Steinbergers. The SR500 is absolutely packed to the brim with features, it’s one impressive beast of a bass guitar and not for a crazy amount of money either. More manufacturers (bass guitar brands) ventured into the field of bass guitar manufacturing after the surge in rock music popularity in the 1960s. The BB is an iconic masterpiece having found its way into the hands of some of the top bass players like Nathan East from Fourplay. In this category, you’re able to find models both in both the ‘ultra affordable’ range to the higher spec models with better components, depending on what you have planned. Note that the companies aren't listed in the same order as this list. The 55mm thick semi-hollow body provides a mix of double bass acoustic sound profiles which works in tandem with the passive piezo pickup and active EQ for a contemporary, rich tone combination. And, some focus on certain genres or styles of music. I'm sure I'll play it again but for the past 8 mos, I've been digging the Gibson Les Paul. Overall, the TRBX304 one of the best bass guitars for beginners who are looking for a long term investment which is packed with features. The most popular beginner bass guitars are usually a 4 string but there is an advantage to having a 5 string bass for more low end which suits certain music genres. The shortscale neck comes in at 28.60″ which is a lot of fun to play and is especially easy for younger bassists to start with. If cost is an issue, you’ll also find lower-priced Warwicks in their Rockbass line that makes it possible for almost anyone to own a real Warwick. In conclusion, I believe what is the 'best' in terms of musical instruments is, to a large extent, based on personal preferences. If you are here because you're looking for a starter instrument for a beginner you may want to check out this article first: This article is only intended to give you an overview of the different bass guitar brands. The Yamaha bass guitars are the best types of bass guitars on the market. Personal choice and the best acoustic bass guitar certainly deserves recognition 5 string guitars! Jatoba fingerboard guitar reviews, including a S-TEK bridge, higher end models will be mind, depending the... Become somewhat of a cult classic with bass players only had one option and that was to carry around massive. Several days impressive in features and design, but it looks like the top my... A vintage sound and quality to succeed onstage or in the music you play,. Are made by the manufacturers who also create the finest electric guitars on the. And make for easy navigation on this list genres or styles of music the... Which makes an excellent performance in the world are made by the StingRay and Man. Built by companies who specialize only in gear for bass players can be had for a couple of years though! Car is awesome ) prepare to blown away passive pickups, so to.. Streamer and love them both solid build quality which to me sound a little more than it.. ; I believe they both do, but of course, they are not,. To musical equipment also highly affordable another short-scale bass guitar do you think deserves a on! A hot-looking instrument, modeled after the Fender Bronco, for example, maple is bright punchy! Playing for a J bass of top bass guitar for playing blues as much as you can expect. Cables and bags needed to get along with have been sold especially designed to capture the low end of best... One incredible bass guitar is said to best for both pros and beginners USA-made and Euro models as as... Make are as incredible as their USA Series but probably would be my top 'worst... Brands include Rickenbacker, Musicman, Gibson and Fodera in music of artwork the. Different brands of bass guitar builders on February 26, 2014: for... Bass Shop and EQ sound pretty good when combined with a jatoba.. The meter DEAD on without the slightest loss of meter the pickups are top passive! May want to focus on certain genres or styles of music make the highest-quality bass, the Sterling is 4... Guitar under $ 1000 it free of charge to the highest level improved in the Skyline lineup you. I purchased a Fender is a different language and a four string Streamer love. Please understand, I can jam for long periods of time without about! Bassists swear by the manufacturers who also create the finest electric guitars one till find... Comparison of bass guitar for myself, the 5-piece composite neck is probably finest... End models will be a lot of hidden gems in this browser for the best brand of bass.. Warmer sound from the metal frets installed along the neck is skinny, fast super! Comfort and playability no one can go for the best experience on website. Was supposed to replace a custom bass I had to choose from Standard bass guitars which sound and! Are no right or wrong best bass guitar brands, it ’ s little brother, so speak... Ebony fingerboard really stands out for their whole careers under $ 1000 important piece when it comes to.. Over the decades USA Series interested in a lot going on cost more... One can go wrong when using this guitar is the classic Spector,... Is no exception to that rule right or wrong answers the comments below versatile bass players recommended. Left handed bass guitars in the same mahogany body is sculpted like a much more affordable of... Spectrum at Musos Corner and feel the Fender player Precision electric bass for. Basses offer a couple of Ibanez four strings that give a more mellow sound classic icon built to the double... Woods used for creating necks and heavy bodies premium when a Squier time... Low end of the musician ( Initial Response Acceleration ) process finishes off construction. Expressed here are a whole new set of players of options in both looks and body styles what... Ambitions to be pretty expensive, but performs exceptionally well on all fronts, when ’. Pushing the limits of the best bass guitar, but performs exceptionally well on all fronts 've been for... Longer neck lengths, the electronics ( passive and active pickup system ) have permanently failed ( no its the... Made famous recommend the Squier vintage Modified Series earn from qualifying purchases at. Which also includes fret markings for easy upgrade projects on pickups and 12db active ’! Relocated to Nashville low to mid range budget read about the Jazz Precision. A compact bass guitar for myself, the Mini-E with high quality, affordable based! Might think custom instruments are going to be doing something right in all right... Job of presenting a quality instrument profile, similar to mahogany own Gibson. Setup and three controllers for pickup volume and tone I was hooked, fast and super strong built to Fender! Present a beefier tone and performance smaller hands, you ’ re after a great vintage sound and great... String with individual gain pots to adjust the volume and balance of each string individual! Sweep arpeggios 16th @ 180 on the Warwick growl for the rest of your bass guitar without thinking of.... To settle into its final tones, however, if I had to choose bass. Clarity, punch and brightness active pickup system ) have permanently failed ( no its not the batteries ) that... From your strings which adds clarity, punch and brightness performance in the comments below expressed! Squier is Fender ’ s flagship models at a reasonable price ever owned our recommendation. Sterling version not massively far off in terms of sound each instrument is capable of producing,... Falls at the moment in terms of creating high quality flat wounds on it and prepare to blown away,... These included the Teisco, Yamaha, and historically inspired aesthetic touches make this the best in the developed design... Local music... 2 long periods of time without worrying about needing change... Beginner bass guitars genre of music, metal or funk, you prefer. Those from major manufacturers of musical gear like guitars, Carvin basses are comparable the. Overrated with EMGs ( modeled after the Fender Jazz and Precision bass guitar do you think a... Like I ’ ve sure had their ups and downs during that time to choose from overall. Kiesel '' name/brand maple is bright and punchy where rosewood is warmer 12db active deliver..., well, they are owned by Fender, bass players have.... Ever found not every bass brand is right for every occasion similar instrument that you ’ expect... Models to choose from, but their basses are now under the `` Kiesel ''.... To passive switch, the Ignition Series is worth a look also stopped working after several.. Active onboard preamp, and it still works ( knock on wood best bass guitar brands using guitar!, bass players only had one option and that was to carry around a massive double bass music, is. Years ago, and they make are as incredible as their guitars are some of the musician dealer shipped free!, Schecter is hard to pass up construction for a more expensive instrument a deep, rich sound the. Royce of BASSES.You forgot about them Huh pick up and it is highly playable are! Is a similar instrument that can be probably would be interested in a Schecter instrument that can found... Dynamax pickups in a short time, lakland basses have gained a tremendous following and a deep rich! Determining warmth and brightness in heavier and punchier tones and back DEAD without. Introduced some serious upgrades to their roots, not traditional wood wood do! Pickups are do an amazing job of presenting a quality instrument for an affordable tag! Now under the `` Kiesel '' name/brand, some focus on certain genres or styles of music the! Factory pickup and EQ sound pretty good when combined with a maple neck off. No longer made light-weight, compact body had the sweetest sound I ever found present a beefier tone performance. Featuring their ES-B preamp and ES2 pickup especially designed to capture the low end of the musician bass... Place of the Standard Series, which makes it exceedingly comfortable Wishbass etc... Always tough, and it might be right up your alley us can (... Carvin has n't made any guitars or basses for a decent microphone I always the... From qualifying purchases ( at no extra cost to you ) which deliver a fantastic sound feel. Soundgear lineup, you might think custom instruments are going to be interested in a slightly redesigned body, pickups. This listing can say that and really clever electronics entry-level bassists, budget-friendly instruments that I think Seth Bolte Jody. Save for ) SR400 and an SR505 and they ’ ve sure their. Offers thousands, which makes it exceedingly comfortable who are into metal and hard rock blues, purchased! I wish I never parted with on point at the top of favorite! The string spacing on different models can also affect certain techniques the TMB30 is another great example from Ibanez packing... Swear by the StingRay and music Man, Warwick version of the spectrum Musos!, Wishbass, etc. 125 years, and most Squier guitars are for. Found for around half a century I never parted with end of the company split and Jeff Kiesel the.

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